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Złoty Okoń catering services

Catering service comes in many forms. Discover, how we can support your event

For those craving the flavours of our dishes, not only in our restaurant on Zegrze Reservoir, we can prepared the requested number of meals for pick-up or delivery to nearby locations. Explore the details and options of our catering services.


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Specialties from our kitchen, delivered to your olcation of choise

We are not providing a typical catering service. As part of our offer, we prepare and deliver delectable dishes available daily at our restaurant. These services remain popular year-round, with special holiday menus alongside our standard à la carte options.

Moreover, we offer comprehensive event organization services. When you entrust us with your event, expect your guests to relish our food and enjoy our friendly, attentive service.


Friendly and professional support from our team

Merely preparing and delivering meals to a nearby location is not always sufficient, especially during demanding events. To assist our Clients further, we offer the option of on-site support fro a private or business event from our team of waitstaff.

During events organised for Clients, our team ensures seamless service and organization. We are creating a restaurant-like ambiance characterized by politeness, accessibility, and attention to detail. Clients value us not only for our delicious cuisine but also for our punctuality and exemplary service.


We will complement your event with our cuisine and company.

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