Whatever the reason, Złoty Okoń is worth visiting. Simply bask in the unique atmosphere and superb cuisine.

Offer for You

Złoty Okoń is a place for you and your loved ones

Situated near the scenic Zegrze Reservoir, Złoty Okoń offers a haven where, amidst breathtaking nature, you can relish exquisite dishes served in our restaurant, host a memorable family gathering or corporate meeting, and unwind in our guest rooms and apartments. Our on-site store features a variety of fresh and smoked fish, meat products, and home-made goods.


+48 22 123 45 67
ul. Warszawska 49, 05-140 Serock


Indulge in total relaxation and culinary delight in our restaurant. No matter if it is a casual dinner or a special event. Złoty Okoń restaurant at Zegrze Reservoir prioritizes both taste and presentation. We believe that great flavours should also appeal to the eyes. This is a principle we uphold to day to day.


Currently undergoing overhaul. Leave your details and we will notify you of the opening date.

Craft Shop

The store is a part of Złoty Okoń. Our store specializes in high-quality fish: fresh, smoked, and marinated. Additionally, we offer an array of traditional Polish meats and cold cuts. Visit us to get yourself ‘paprykarz’ (sort of paprika ragout), pastes, honeys, and convenience food.


Special Events

Złoty Okoń restaurant is the perfect venue for various special events, including birthdays, intimate weddings, corporate meetings, conferences, and more. Our guests may make use of two halls, a bar, a terrace, a pond, and two playgrounds. We assist in organisational matters, menu selection and event schedule.

Catering Service

We excel in providing catering services for holidays and business conferences in our area. We may prepare and deliver dishes from our kitchen to the location of your choice, always on time. We ensure excellent cuisine and timely delivery. Also, our team may assist you with on-site arrangements or serving meals.

Bar bistro

Located in Serock, our bistro is the perfect choice for a quick, healthy meal on the go. Every day, we serve fresh spit-roasted chicken, which has been a cornerstone of our bistro menu from square one. Our offer combines swift service with delicious products.

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