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Next to Złoty Okoń Restaurant, our fish shop in Serock operates, offering, among others, frozen, smoked, fresh, and live fish. Additionally, you can also buy seafood and salads.

This enables you to create a perfect dish, even for the most elaborate dinner. Our staff will gladly advise you on selecting the best products to compose exquisite meals.



+48 22 782 67 67
ul. Warszawska 49, 05-140 Serock

The store is open every day,
from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

Złoty Okoń Recommends

  • fresh fish
  • smoked fish
  • pickled fish
  • artisanal products, cold cuts, sausages
  • own larder

Fresh fish

In our local shop, we provide a wide selection of fresh marine and freshwater fish, available throughout the week. Among our Clients, our fish are popular choices for various occasions. We strive to ensure the fish we offer meet our Clients’ expectations by carefully watching over fishing grounds they come from and selecting them from our regular, well-known and proven suppliers.

The fish are collected by the crew of Złoty Okoń.

It has been well-known for long that consuming for example trout, cod, herring, or halibut has positive effects on the body. All these fish are available at Złoty Okoń Store.

Smoked fish

We take pride in our fish from our own smoke-house. We employ only our known secret smoking methods to enhance the best taste of our smoked fish.

We smoke fish in various ways, using smoke from burning different wood, including elder, sugar maple, grapevine, white oak, alder, and walnut. Depending on the smoking method and the species of fish, they may have a slightly fruity after-taste, floral aromatic notes, or a delicate honey aroma.

Once you taste our traditionally smoked fish, you will be hooked forever. The flavour of smoked fish is not just about the individual characteristics of each species, but also about how it is smoked, and we understand this better than any one else. Smoked fish is perfect for picnics, snacks, or main courses, and it can be added to various pastes.

Marinated fish

We specialize in fish and create various culinary fish wonders. We marinate freshwater fish: bream, wels catfish, zander, perch, and pike. We also have marinated herrings in three versions: Kashubian-style, in vinegar, and in oil. We also offer one of our specialities, i.e. ‘paprykarz’ (sort of paprika ragout), which is rich in flavour and perfect for a quick snack. Once associated with the bad reputation of cheap food, in our version, it is delicious and rich in flavour.

Marinated fish from Złoty Okoń will be appreciated by connoisseurs and fish experts. They emphasize their excellent composition, consistency, and the balance of fish and marinade. We recommend our fish to people who have not had the opportunity to try craft marinated fish before—ones that you can feel true passion, taste, and aroma in, and not just vinegar.


Craft product, cold cuts, sousages

In the fishy land of Złoty Okoń, there is also room for quality meat dishes. Aromatic bacon, tender ham, juicy gammon, tasty sausages, and exquisite pates, made with expertise and a sense of taste. You will find them all in our store, always fresh, delicious, and made from specially selected meat.

We produce our meat products on site, in specially designated rooms with suitable conditions, sourcing from long years of tradition.

Our staff will be happy to discuss each product in detail and help you select the ones that will best suit your taste.


Own pantry

We also offer other products for our Clients, not related to fish or meat products. You will find a pantry similar to grandma’s. Depending on the season, we have jams and fruit juices, vinegar and pickled cucumbers, home-made ketchups, pomace and purée, and all kinds of products made from seasonal fruits and vegetables.